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The Clock Strikes – Cover Reveal

I’m delighted to reveal the cover to my next release, The Clock Strikes. This stand-alone novella features Rob and Julian from Ghost Electricity, a mysterious artefact, warring Victorian warlocks, a tattoo witch and a race through modern London to prevent the rise of a terrible darkness.

The Clock Strikes - A Hawthorn House Novella by Sean Cunningham


The Clock Strikes will be out soon on Amazon Kindle, and free to my newsletter subscribers – you can sign up here. I’m really looking forward to getting it into your hands.

One Month of Ghost Electricity

It’s been a month since Ghost Electricity went live on Amazon. And what a month it’s been.

I kept my expectations low. I know that I’m a brand new, unknown author with no established audience and a lot to learn. I knew it would be quiet in the beginning.

My goal was simply to get readers and reviews. I know that for marketing purposes, a few doors open for you once you’ve got 5 to 8 reviews with a good rating. My hope was to hit that mark by the time The Mortal Edge goes live in April. I was hoping to get a little word of mouth from people who liked the book.

And it’s been a heck of a couple of months at the day job, which meant there was a limit to how much time I could spend pushing the book. Ghost Electricity has, I think, been slightly neglected as a result. I would have liked to do more.

But the response has greatly exceeded my expectations.

The reviews I was hoping for, they were good. Really good. I’m very grateful to the people who took time to review the book on Amazon and Goodreads. Fellow authors reached out to me to offer me encouragement and to spread the word on their social media and in their newsletters. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. It was unexpected and it was a gift. And it gives me a standard of generosity to measure myself by as I continue on.

The feedback hasn’t been 100% positive, of course. You can’t write a book that will please anyone and I am still a rookie. So I’ve gone through a few ups and down, like urban fantasy author Holly Evans describes in her post Battling Self-Doubt and Over-Thinking. I expect there will be plenty more.

But for now, though I have much work ahead of me, I feel pleased with where I am. Thank you to those who read and liked Ghost Electricity. In the last month, you’ve put many a smile on my face.

Ticking Towards Publish

Behind the scenes, things are moving well towards the moment when I click on Publish for the first time and Ghost Electricity goes out into the world. There should probably be a bell tolling when it happens, or something else suitably ominous.

Book Progress

Right now, Ghost Electricity is in the final stages of ebook production. I’m working with a cover artist on the cover and finalising all the bits of a book that aren’t actually the story. Soon the doors will roll back and it will clank out into the world to wreak wordy havoc.

The Mortal Edge is in the late stages of editing. I’ve worked through my editor’s feedback and generated over a dozen more tasks for things that need fixing. This is what I get for writing a story with so many moving parts. It’s on track for release next April.

The third book, provisionally titled Immortal Make, has also returned from receiving a thorough thrashing at the benevolent hands of my editor and awaits my attention. The feedback was positive, which means I have plenty to do on it, rather than many plenties. I’m looking forward to getting to it, but it’s well down the queue, after…

The Clock Strikes, a novella set between the first and second books. While it will be on sale, I will also offer it as a thank you for signing up for my newsletter. The first draft of the novella is complete and it’s ready to be tipped into the maw of my editing process. I don’t have a release date for it, but I’ll get started on editing it very soon.

Future Plans

The Hawthorn Chronicles is planned as a series, with three more books in various stages of planning after Immortal Make. I don’t expect to publish the first of them until the end of next year, but I’ll have a better idea once we get into 2018.

I also have a series of novellas in mind, tentatively titled Dragon Century, to fill in some of the backstory for the main novel series. They’re at the bare beginnings of the planning phase and so far don’t have a slot.

Words in the Wild

I’m really looking forward to when I start sending these stories out into the world. It’s been a pretty interesting process, learning all the ins and outs of being an indie publisher, though I know I have plenty more to learn once I click Publish.

More to come soon.

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