The Mortal Edge

Book 2 of the Hawthorn House Urban Fantasy Series

To cross the Mortal Edge is to die – with no guarantee you’ll come back

A dead friend seeking revenge. An invitation from the werewolf world. An immortal teacher with her own agenda.

Four years ago Julian Blackwood killed his best friend. Now Mitch Longfield is back and Julian must ask himself how far he is willing to go to protect the secret they share.

The London werewolves have finally opened their arms to Rob Cromwell. But the werewolf world is darker than Rob ever imagined and the werewolves have their own reasons for pulling him in.

Fiona has joined the Red Sisters to learn magic, but she’s starting to wonder if they really want to teach her. In mirrors and in dreams she is stalked by the Lord of Chains, who knows the truth buried deep within her.

The Mortal Edge is the second book in The Hawthorn House epic urban fantasy series.