Seven Things You DON’T Need to Worry About When Starting Your Novel

You’re thinking about writing but you can’t seem to start. You’re afraid to start. How do you kick yourself into action? How do you turn yourself into a war machine of wordy output? In this post, I’ll walk you through the steps you need to take. Starting from well before you even put your first […]

Never Mess with a Robot Rhinoceros

Transformers Beast Wars was a show that surprised me. It was a show for kids. But the writers went to some trouble to ensure can also be enjoyed by adults. With memorable characters, villainous infighting, clever plots and references to the old 80s cartoon that us now-adult Transformers fans could pick up, it was a […]

Ghost Electricity – Out Now on Kindle and KU

  Ghost Electricity is out now as an eBook on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited, with a special new release price of 99c/99p. Set in modern-day London, Ghost Electricity is a story blending history, fantasy and epic adventure. Julian, a warlock; Rob, a werewolf; Fiona, a girl with a monster in her shadow; Jessica and […]